Meet Beth.

Hear her story...

In March of 2015 “Beth” came to the attention of A Little Help. She had been emotionally, verbally and physically abused by a former boyfriend. Most notably she was “branded,” a particularly tortuous control tactic used by abusers. Her entire face had been tattooed in order for abuser to maintain control over her. This tattoo left her isolated,  unemployable and estranged from her family.  She was a prisoner for years.  A Little Help located a doctor who accepted Beth as a patient for tattoo removal after several rejected her due to the severity of the tattoo  and the complicated nature of its removal . Every six weeks, for 3 years, Beth made the bus trip from Virginia, where she had been living, up to New Jersey for treatment. Not only did she endure the stares and ridicule each time on these public outings but she returned to Virginia in excruciating pain following the treatment. While Beth dreaded the incredibly painful treatments she continued to return to New Jersey. In the past three years she has advocated for housing for herself (she had been homeless) gained custody of her children and continued to advocate for herself. While her physical and emotional healing continues from the abuse, The removal of her tattoo has been significant in her ability to move forward.

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